Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ume Kicks Butt, Takes Names.

Hot damn.

Ume?  Heard of them? Probably not. They're a huge-sounding, little-known band from Austin on one of my favorite labels, Modern Outsider. ModOut is run by some good buddies of mine, Erin and Chip Adams. Yep, another husband-wife indie label team. Turns out Lujo is not an anomaly! Which only begs the question, how many husband-wife label teams are out there?


I don't know too much about this band, only the important stuff: that it's lead by Lauren Larson and that they are rocking my face off this morning, which honestly, in a day where The All-American Rejects are releasing a grossly wimpy song like, "Beekeeper's Daughter", is like a breath of freakin' fresh air.

Seriously, Ume and AAR in a ring would not even be a contest. Like, Larson would shake out her blonde locks, whip out her guitar, and shred all over Tyson Ritter and his bony, white ass. And then she'd open her mouth and out would come this other-worldly voice. Then she'd tag team Erik Larson (bass) and Rachel Furher (drums - girl drummers are my fave!) and AAR would see that they're only a three-piece and bam! 3-2-1. Game. Over.

Anyway, Ume just released Phantoms on ModOut, and although I haven't listened to the entire album yet I'm going to go ahead and give it my seal of approval. Why? Because I'm only three tracks in - this video is for track 3 - and I'm literally so excited about this band, that I'm bursting at the seems to tell you all about them and had to do so as soon as possible, preventing me from finishing listening to the album. Truth. Pretty sure this one isn't going to let me down. Or you, for that matter.

Do you like good music? Do you like music that can kick some ass, make you feel alive, and give you hope for mankind? Okay then. Time for some Ume.


Phantoms was released August 30 2011 on Modern Outsider and is available on iTunes and in the ModOut shop! They are currently on tour with Cursive - peep umemusic.com for tour dates!  

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