Friday, May 27, 2011

The National Mall - The First Ever Location-Aware Album

It’s not that I am exaggerating or am one to make crazy, unfounded claims, but this seriously is the coolest thing ever. Tonight the Holladay brothers, otherwise known as Bluebrain (Lujo Records), are releasing the first ever location-aware album.  Are you curious?

Friends, I give you The National Mall, an app created for your iPhone, iPad, Andriod.  An app you can download while standing in The National Mall—the strip of green between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.   An app that when you open, will flow music into your ears--music that corresponds to your location. In other words, as you move the music changes.

As Ryan Holladay told, "Approach a lake and a piano piece changes into a harp. Or, as you get close to the children's merry-go-round, the wooden horses come to life and you hear sounds of real horses getting steadily louder based on your proximity."

And The National Mall won’t be the only one of these.  Bluebrain has two other location-aware albums in the works.  One that will correspond with New York’s Prospect Park and another that will run the length of Highway One in California.  As a California girl, I’m particulalry excited about the latter.

Check out some samples from The National Mall on podcast episode 27, online now.  So frickin' cool. 


Music Blog Note Noted said...

Wow, that's is some very cool technology put to good use. These apps are changing the landscape of music and how we interact with it. Thanks for the informative and great post.

Jocelyn Aucoin said...

We just released news of the new one today! I'll post about it. :)