Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grouplove "Colours" Music Video

Grouplove - "Colours"
Directed by Jordan Bahat
Cinematography by Kris Carrillo

After seeing Grouplove live last week at the Independent in San Francisco, I thought there was no hope for us having a relationship. Look, when it comes to new bands it takes a certain amount of convincing for me and any little thing can throw off the feng shui. This night it happened to be a pair of terrible mom jeans keyboardist, Hannah Hooper, was wearing. Never mind that. I should know better than to let a little thing like mom jeans, awful as they are, keep me from something that is altogether completely lovely, like this video.

I’ve seen a lot of videos in my thirty *coughcough* years of life and this one easily tops the list. It’s everything you’d want in a video—an interesting concept, beautiful cinematography. And something I’m always amazed directors fail to do is done perfectly here—what you are watching matches up perfectly with the eb and flow of the song. It’s as if the God of Music and the God of Art met and made out for five glorious minutes. My favorite part happens at 2:56. Look for the air drums. It makes me so happy I wanna give the whole world a high five.

Grouplove's self-titled debut EP is out now on Canvasback.

(Written for Indierockreviews.com)

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