Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Lujo Records Sampler!!

Hi Friends!

Okay so over a most amazing dinner of Thai food last weekend, my new friend, Erika, asked me a question I figured I'd address for any of you that don't know.

"Jocelyn, what is your association with Lujo?"

For those that know the answer to this, you can skip to the next paragraph. For the rest of you, I will keep this simple. I run the damn thing with my partner/husband Erik! I bought into the label 5 years ago, before I had even laid on eyes on Erik (and wasn't even sure I liked him), because I really dug what his label was doing and wanted a piece of the action!

But that's OLD news...

The very newsy news of today is that we just released our 2009 (I know, a little late) label sampler!!! It's FREE. What is free anymore these days???? Lujo 2009 Sampler, that's what!

We hope you download it, pass it along, blog about it, share it on your pages, etc. Spread the word about these amazing artists!! You can find tunes from our current roster (The Dark Romantics, Pomegranates, Death House Chaplain, Mouse Fire, Baby Teeth, etc.), and also tunes from the Lujo newbies who will be putting out records in the coming year: Enlou, Nayonetes, Summerbirds in the Cellar!!

Can't wait for you all to check out this sampler! And remember everything you hear either is or will be available from us, Lujo Records! I encourage you to check out these artists' full lengths. I don't do this for my health, friends, I do this because I think Lujo artists have amazingness that you need to be a part of!

Thanks for your support!!!! Happy listening! Here's the link!

Lujo 2009 Sampler

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