Monday, April 13, 2009

Pomegranates and Telekinesis In-Studio

Today marks the day that two of my fave bands, take indoors to two of my fave radio stations for in-studio gloriousness. Huzzah!

Pomegranates @ 1 PM PDT

Telekinesis @ 12 PM PDT

Pomegranates will be playing stuff from their new record, Everybody Come Outside, which drops tomorrow (yay!) on Lujo Records! And I'm sure whatever Telekinesis is playing will be amazing--likely new material from their new record as well!! For those that don't know, Telekinesis is Chris Staple's (of Discover America and Twothirtyeight) new gig. Be sure to tune in by streaming from iTunes Radio or via the websites!!

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evan said...

Thanks Jocelyn for your comment on!! i dig your posts, too. keep in touch