Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Teeth - Big Schools

Ugh. I'm in a serious bad way this morning. Not because I woke up and we were out of milk so I couldn't have my morning coffee. (Although that really is the worst, isn't it?)  No, I'm in a bad way because Baby Teeth hurts so good! Those darlings of the Chicago scene have just released the first single, "Big Schools", from their new record Hustle Beach! These guys have unmatched writing chops, a cooled-out-retro-70s vibe, and style for days! Oh yeah, and this track, is like, totally danceable. Which we (which is really just me) here at Every Note Noted love. Check the keyboard breakdown. Oh heck yes.  

Baby Teeth - Big Schools

Please can I be Baby Teeth in my next life?? I wanna know what it's like to rock SO hard. I can't wait to hear the rest of this record, out July 14 on Lujo Records! Come, July, come!

Tour Dates
04/18/09 Kalamazoo, MI @ The Strut*
04/19/09 Chicago, IL @ Reggie's Music Disco
w/Pet Lions, Soft Targets, The Valley of the Ghosts, Ultramark
05/14/09 10:00:00 PM Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle*
*=w/My Dear DIsco


evan said...

you just made my morning that much better

Jocelyn Aucoin said...

happy to do so :D