Monday, March 30, 2009

Wooden Birds Are Sweet

Raise your hand if you like American Analog Set?  Okay now take that hand and pat your head and then take your other hand and rub your belly.  And while you're doing that, read this. American Analog Set singer/songwriter, Andrew Kenny, has returned to indie rock, and also to his native land of Austin, TX under the moniker of The Wooden Birds.  Of course he has some new friends playing with him and although fans of AAS will recognize Kenny's voice immediately, the vibe of Wooden Birds is decidedly different.

"Sugar", the lead single from the debut album, Magnolia, due out May 12 on Barsuk/Morr Music (two of my absolute fave labels), has the same lo fi feel of American Analog Set. It's a simple acoustic strummer, but it's punched out a bit more.  The vocals are turned up, the percussion section more pronounced.  There's also a timeless quality to this song--a quality I wouldn't necessarily assign to AAS material.

Like sugar, this song goes down pretty easy. Have a listen and see if you don't think so too.

The Wooden Birds - Sugar

Tour Dates:
04-10 New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
04-11 Philadelphia, PA - M Room
04-12 Washington, DC - Black Cat
04-16 New York, NY Mercury Lounge
04-18 Cambridge, MA - T. T. The Bear's
04-19 New Haven, CT - Bar Night Club

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