Saturday, March 14, 2009

Phoenix Teaser, Such a Tease!

I know some people are down on the French, but hot damn if I don't love Phoenix. They never fail to disappoint with their innate pop sensibilities and ability to get an audience moving. I've never seen more white boys dancing than I did when I saw Phoenix live. And I can't say I didn't bob my head to "1901", the lead leak off the bands' forthcoming album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. The title has me wondering a bit, but I appreciate the ballsy-ness I guess? And hell, 1901 gives me such an intense happy buzz, I suddenly can't even recall what the album title is. What was I talking about again?...  Bzzz...  Oh yeah! 1901. It's quintessential Phoenix infused with dancy synth beats. Please tell me they are playing this in the Parisian dance clubs. Ooo it makes me feel good inside! I can't wait to hear the rest of this record, out worldwide May 25th. Bring it.

Phoenix - 1901

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