Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jose Galvez Debut Album

I met Jose Galvez over quesadillas at Baja Fresh in Hollywood. A friend of a friend of mine, I knew little of the guy at the time. Translation: I had no freakin clue how talented he was. But I learned a little bit over lunch... I learned he was sweet and adorable (girls?) and that he played guitar in a band called Ozma. Ozma broke up in 2004 and then got back together 2006. Who can explain the inner workings of bands? I don't know if the down time created the space Jose needed to get his own ideas out (without having to run them past the band) or if the guy has just had ideas for a while and didn't put them together in a record until just now. Whatever the case is, I don't really care.. much. I care more about what I hear. Recording most of the music himself (drums, keys, bass, vocals) and with a little help from his friends, what I hear from Jose Galvez's debut self-titled album is pure pop genius--as effortless as it is accomplished.

Listen to "Press" and don't forget to download the album on iTunes!

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