Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grizzly Bear? Where?

I pretty much came to the Grizzly Bear party late. Like, really late. So late the beer was gone and I was left feeling like that thing I'm sitting on right now. It wasn't like I'd never heard of the band, it was more like I heard way too much about them. Talk about press darlings. And the fact that they were from Brooklyn didn't really help their cause in my eyes. I suppose I've heard one too many over-hyped, overrated band that call Brooklyn home. Don't make me write a list. Plus, they have "bear" in their name. Not so original. Is it bad that I judge a book by its cover? Come on, people, names are important!

Back to the matter at hand. This band isn't bad and that is to say, they're pretty darn good. But something tells me if you're reading this you already know that. For those that don't, check out this live recording of "While You Wait For The Others" from their highly anticipated new album, Veckatimest, out May 26 on Warp Records. Love you, Warp. GB, jury's still out but signs point to "so far, so good."

Grizzly Bear - While You Wait For The Others (live from KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic)

Something tells me you'd be foolish not to see Grizzly Bear live:
05.24.09 - Portland, OR (Aladdin Theatre)
05.25.09 - George, Washington (Sasquatch Festival)
05.26.09 - Vancouver, BC (Commodore)
05.28.09 - New York, NY (Town Hall)
05.29.09 - New York, NY (Town Hall)
06.01.09 - Washington DC (930 Club)
06.02.09 - Philadelphia, PA (Trocadero)
06.03.09 - Boston, MA (Berkley Performance Center)
06.04.09 - Montreal, QB (Le National)
06.05.09 - Toronto, ON (Phoenix)
06.07.09 - Minneapolis, MN (Cedar Cultural Center)
06.08.09 - Milwaukee, WI (Pabst Theatre)
06.09.09 - Bloomington, IN (Buskrik- Chumley)
06.11.09 - Carrboro, NC (Cats Cradle)
06.12.09 - Manchester, TN (Bonnaroo)
06.13.09 - Atlanta, GA (Tabernacle)
06.15.09 - Dallas, TX (Grenada)
06.16.09 - Austin, TX (The Parish)
06.19.09 - Los Angeles, CA (Wiltern)
06.21.09 - San Francisco, CA (Fillmore)

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