Friday, March 27, 2009

Mrenc Mhmm

Hot wife, hot band, some people just can't leave good enough alone and I'm afraid Eric Collins is one of those people. He's already frontman and co-brainchild for Florida-based The Dark Romantics. This, after a successful run as frontman for the band Denison Marrs. I guess when you're as prolific a songwriter as Collins, you just keep spitting material out, and if there's no one around to collaborate with, you go all DIY on yourself and funnel that creativity into a solo project.

Mrenc is that solo project for Collins. If you're familiar with Collins' past projects, you know that dude can sing the kitchen sink. Add those velvety vocals to a suped up electrobeat and what you got is a dance song for the dance club.

About his debut singel RCRD LBL says it's "Coaxy, Cold War Kids-ish bedroom pop from the Sunshine State," but you should check it out yourself.

Get down to "Dying Over You", self-released March 2009 and available on iTunes now! And stay tuned for more singlemania from Mrenc comin' down the pike!

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