Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Enlou vs The Birds

What can you do to get all these damn springtime birds to shut up? Well, nothing really.. 'cept for turning up your music and drowning those suckers out. (Frickin' woodpecker!!) This morning I'm giving those irritating birds a punch in the beak with the rather pleasant-sounding Enlou. Oh jeez. Describing them as pleasant makes them sound like elevator music. I assure you, dear reader, this is so not the case.

Enlou are another Cincinatti indie pop quartet. (I seem to be into those.) With velvety vocals over glittering guitar leading into shouty vocals with driving drum beats, each song reads like a good drama with quiet to climax to all hell breaks loose! When I get sad I like to listen to bands like Enlou because, somehow, they make me not despise those woodpeckers so much.

Check out this video, the first track off their Passing Islands EP, and then head over to their Myspace page and listen to... well, just listen to all the songs they have posted. And then say a giant "Eff you, Woodpecker!" Seriously do it. It feels good.

Check out Enlou Apr 18 @ Madison Theatre in Covington, Kentucky!

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