Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Audrye Sessions Don't Turn Me Off

I don't know when this band got good. Years ago I used to go see them play at the Los Gatos community center, opening for bands like The Jealous Sound. Funny thing, I don't remember there being a girl in the band, much less a hot one. I guess times have changed because now they're signed to Sony (don't let the "Black Seal" name fool you, it's a unit of Sony and Sony's attempt to appear indie--barf) and getting played on Live 105.

Their single, "Turn Me Off" is awesome. I know that beach bunny Thom Yorke would kill me for saying this, but for a second when I first heard the song, I thought it was some obsucre, yet well produced, Radiohead B-side. Then I thought it was Muse. Then I had no idea who it was and found out it was Audrye Sessions.

Their debut, self-titled full-length is out now, only $5.99 on iTunes. What real life indie label could afford that? (snarf snarf)

Without further adieu, here's the video.

Audrye Sessions - Turn Me Off

Audrye Sessions - Turn Me Off - Audrye Sessions

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