Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Very Rosie Christmas!

Hi everyone! I have news! I started a new blog here. It's going to be my personal blog, and we're going to save this one for music-oriented stuff. It was getting too jumbled up and I wanted to streamline. Huzzah!

The next part of this blog is about the wonderful and amazing Rosie Thomas. I have been a fan of her for years--ever since this one date where a boy took me to a park and on the car ride there, he played me "Wedding Day" from When We Were Small. I know, not awkward or suggestive or anything! But I'm glad he did because since then, I've been hooked. And it didn't even matter when we broke up. My love for Rosie lived on.

I had the very distinct pleasure of meeting Rosie, her brother Brian, Jonathon Ford (of Unwed Sailor and who also played with our band, Suffering And The Hideous Theives), and their crew a couple years back in DC. They played Jammin' Java in Virginia. The previous night their van had been robbed. Rosie's suitcase of clothes was stolen, instruments, laptops. I would have been devastated, but their attitudes were admirable, positive. Erik and I responded by wrangling all the clothes we possibly could, and putting them up for the night. We had a romantic late night roaming the empty weekend streets of DC, and hanging on the steps of the Supreme Court and Capital Building.

I confirmed a deep suspicion that night: Rosie is one awesome lady. She's clever and witty, talented and sweet. And... oh yeah... WILDLY HILARIOUS! Her brand new Christmas album, A Very Rosie Christmas (Sing-A-Long Records) speaks to all of these qualities. It boasts gorgeous and moving classics ("Silent Night", "O Come O Come Emmanuel") and ones you've yet to hear in the form of a total gem-of-a-Rosie-original, "Why Can't It Be Christmastime All Year". Track 11 is like manna from heaven for any fan of Rosie's comedy act, Shiela. You will cry, you will laugh so hard.

The album is fun and endearing and heartfelt. It's Rosie doing Rosie and it's everything you want in a Christmas album. I don't know of any better Christmas albums out this year. Go grab your copy, available on iTunes and other fun places.

Rosie Thomas - Why Can't It Be Christmastime All Year

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