Saturday, October 25, 2008

And...We're Back!

I was in Asheville, NC this week with about a dozen of my favorite people: The Dark Romantics, Look Mexico and Pomegranates. They played New French Bar. So much fun. The place was packed for The Dark Romantics and Look Mexico, then people got tired after Look Mexi's set and left! I was so sad because I was afraid Pomegranates would have no one to play to. Well, that's when the gaysian invasion happened. A 40th birthday party. About 50 people piled in, already drunk, ready to party. And party we did. At the end of Poms' set, the crowd chanted, "One more song!", and when they came back on stage they busted out "Southern Ocean." They had the entire place not only on their feet, but dancing. I hopped on stage and was thrown a sleigh bell. It was better than Christmas. It was magical!

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