Monday, September 8, 2008

Video Love

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I've never reviewed a video before, but there's always a first for everything. In fact, let's make it a first and second because there are two bands (and videos) I've been particularly inspired by lately. What these bands have said to me is "Jocelyn, the world is a good place. The VMA's might have shown that ugly music has overwhelmed the masses, but good music is still alive and kickin'."

The first video comes to us by way of Cleveland, OH. I've only recently learned of mr. Gnome (today, in fact). My good friend who runs the lovely sent me a song called "Pirates," which was love at first listen. I googled the band immediately and happened upon an equally amazing video for "Night of the Crickets". The video features the two piece as silhouettes playing in a dimly lit space. Imagery here is spectacular, complete with creepy dolls, bunnies and bird cages. They have a fairly recent record out on El Marko Records entitled Deliver This Creature. This video deserves a peep.

mr. Gnome "Night of the Crickets"

The next video is from a band out of Brooklyn called Anthem In. Keeping in line with Brooklyn's rep for spitting out excellent indie pop, the band has just released their debut self-titled full-length, and with it this video for the single, "Down". The song might be too formulaic for some tastes, but it's chorus is catchy as hell and the video is cool and precious and rockin' all at the same time. If you like this song, you're going to love the full-length. I have a total band crush.

Anthem In "Down"

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