Saturday, September 13, 2008

Officially Obsessed

Who me? Obsessed with a song? Noooo never! I am so not one of those people that listen to songs on repeat. I mean, that would just be gross! Gross like frappucinos.

Okay, who am I kidding? I AM that person and my latest obsession is with this little two piece from Cleveland ("Thank you, Cleveland!") called mr. Gnome. My only complaint so far with this band is their name and it's ungrammatical spelling. The "m" is always lowercase. Neveryoumind, for as far as my eyes can see and my ears can hear, this band is exceptional--think Cat Power meets Death From Above 1979. Intriguing, no?

If you're the one person who reads this blog regularly (God bless you), you already peeped the band's video for "Night of the Crickets" in an earlier post of mine.

Now, hear this!

mr. Gnome - Pirates

You like?

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Anonymous said...

I like.