Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fake Problems @ Red Rock

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 Fake Problems @ Red Rock, Mountain View, CA - 9/19/08

First of all, let's address the obvious. There is nothing "fake" nor "problematic" about this band. Nope, just the opposite. And whereas I realize that "fake problems" has a different meaning than those two words independently, I felt the need to address this.

The band may have fake problems, but that's not something I know anything about or want to know about in all honesty.

What I do know is that Fake Problems are impressive and put on a show that goes down in my book of recent faves--right along side 31 Knots and Nellie McKay. (Yes, I have eclectic taste.) What impressed me first is how ding dang cute they are. If there were a "cutest band contest" in their hometown of Naples, FL, they would win hands down. Not that I've seen any other bands from Naples. Hell, maybe they are the only one and it wouldn't even be a contest. I don't know.

But enough about their cuteness. These guys are rock and roll. Okay back track: Fake Problems are tour mates and serious best buds with a band on my label, Look Mexico. Accordingly I've been hearing about the amazingness of Fake Problems for quite some time. I checked them out on MySpace eons ago and was not super in love with what I heard--in fact, what I heard made me feel like I was a teenager back at Gilman (birthplace of bands like Green Day and Rancid). That is to say, Fake Problems are pretty punk rock and I had... you know... been there, done that. They weren't bad punk though. It was only bad in the way it caused me to remember that red mohawk I used to rock. Just kidding, I never rocked a mohawk.

Anyway that was then, and this is now.

The band has just finished recoding with long time Saddle Creek cohort, Mike Mogus (Bright Eyes, Cursive, Broken Spindles). It's not yet settled on who will be releasing this record, but Tuesday night at Red Rock in Mountain View, the band busted out some of the new songs and wow. I mean wow. The new sound is decidedly less punk than it used to be, while still holding to those qualities, creating an altogether unique and rather pleasing sound. I do think you'll enjoy.

The band is on tour now (and always). Be sure to catch them live in your town. And maybe if you're nice, they'll hook you up with a t-shirt (like they did me) that says "You're not DIY unless you're Amish." How can you not love that?

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