Monday, September 8, 2008

The E-Devil

I'm having two chocolate chip pancakes this morning. Why? Because I am in a bad mood. Why? Here's why:

The Dark Romantics | Pitchfork

I should be shot for even linking to this review. And here I was all hopeful that it would be great. Silly me. This only serves to confirm that the aforementioned site is, indeed, the devil in electronic form. But maybe my problem is not as much with the website or its writers, as much as it is with its readers who are mindless lemmings and believe everything it says--buying or not buying records accordingly. (Ugh. Let it go, girl, let it go.)

Maybe I wouldn't be in a such a snit over this if I hadn't watched (tivo'd and scanned through, rather) the VMA's last night. Did I miss something here? Who the hell is Tokio Hotel? They won Best New Artist and I have never heard of them. And I'm in the music industry! They are totally over the top and play really bad emo music. They arrived to the VMA's in a ginormous truck with power wheels. Need a say more?

Honey, what did you do to your hair? No serious. WHAT DID YOU DOOOOO?!

What am I missing here, guys? Help a sister out!

Also, I'd just like to inform the creature that is Lil Wayne that sagging is totally gross. I don't wanna see your undies. And... FYI... if you were a model on Project Runway, you'd be auf'd in a second. Get a new stylist!!

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Val. said...

oh yeah, that's a guy huh? ...weird. they popped up on my radio once, I have no idea why. from what i remember, I wasn't a fan. this bloggy is seriously funny.